We realize that the privacy of your personal information is important. This policy describes what information may be collected when you use our mobile application, how that information is used, and how that information is maintained.

We never sell, distribute or disclose personally identifiable information to third parties other than law enforcement.

The general information we collect is in most cases anonymized and used purely for statistical or analytical purposes. This information cannot be linked to you as an individual unless otherwise stated.

When you use our application, you are consenting to the practices described in this policy.

We also use third-party ads to support our app. These advertisers may use apps when their ads are displayed on our app. The use of applications means that some information about you is returned to the advertiser. This information is generally used to geotarget or otherwise tailor advertisements more to you.

What are applications?

Applications are information files containing unlimited text content that are stored on user computers to improve website performance. These files allow the user to be recognized and the website to be adapted to their preferences. Applications typically contain the name of the website they belong to, the time they are stored on the user's computer, and a unique number.

What are applications used for?

The applications are used to customize the content of the website or mobile application according to the preferences of the individual user and to optimize the work with the specified website. They are also used to collect general anonymous statistics that help us understand how the user works with the websites, helping to improve their structure and content without having access to the user's personal information.

Do the apps contain personal information?

The personal information that is collected through the applications can only be used to perform certain user operations. Such information is encrypted in a way that makes it accessible to unauthorized persons.

Delete the apps

As a general rule, apps used for web browsing and mobile apps allow you to save apps by default. This setting can be changed so that automatic application storage is blocked in the web browser or the user is informed each time before cookies are stored on the computer. Detailed information about the different ways of working with applications can be found in the application settings of the web browser.

App restriction may affect some features of the website and mobile app.

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